Knee Pain

A recent study on knee-pain patterns assessed periodically over 12 years in a representative UK population found that nearly 63% of women aged 50 and above experienced knee pain at least once, persistently or intermittently, over such a period. In India, nearly 90% of people suffer from damaged knee joints by the age of 60-65 years, which gets worse in the mornings and during the winter, according to doctors.

Frequent knee pain affects about 25% of adults, with knee osteoarthritis being the most common cause in people aged 50 years and above. In India, too, it is the leading cause of disability, affecting over 15 million Indians each year. This condition is caused by the gradual degeneration of the joint, when the cartilage that protects the bones in your knees breaks down, leaving you more vulnerable to knee pain.

Heat therapy to manage the pain
Traditionally, while most knee pain could be managed with medication and home remedies, today, with the realisation that these are not viable solutions, a new trend that’s catching on among patients is heat therapy— such as wireless heating pads, which are preferred over hot water bottles or electric pads, chiefly because of their safety aspect and their ability to be used on the move—for soothing stiff joints and tired muscles. In fact, in a study of 371 people suffering from acute knee pain, heat therapy relieved pain and muscle stiffness, and improved flexibility significantly better than painkillers, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.


The SandPuppy range of heat therapy is perfect to offer you utmost relief from  joint aches & knee pain relief, relaxes muscles due to deep penetrative heat.


SandPuppy is made with soft velcro fabric that can be easily wrapped around. The wireless heating pad, Sandpuppy Strappr is designed uniquely and even works perfectly with USB power bank which is completely safe to use. SandPuppy KneeStrap is ideal for people needing long hours of heat therapy. 


The heat energy generated in SandPuppy is in the FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) range, and builds a deep penetrating heating, reaching tissue 4-5 cm deep in the muscle, improving blood circulation and aiding recovery. 

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