About Us


SandPuppy was founded on a simple insight – our bodies are living longer than they were designed to. It’s also an age of stress and fatigue and trying to do more every day. It’s why there is an explosion of pains, aches and surgery interventions globally in population groups of forty. Four of five adults experiences serious back pain at some point in their lives. Women are a particularly vulnerable group, being most affected by knee pain & shoulder pain.

Our mission at SandPuppy is to help people manage everyday pain and fatigue.


Innovation, that comes from deeply thinking about a problem, from first principles and executed in a simple, clean way.


Customer Happiness, that comes from experiencing us and the processes, products and solutions we create.


Growth from and in our thinking, in our openness, in our conversations, in our solutions pushing ourselves to become better every day.


A group of engineers got together in 2016 to explore various technology applications of fascinating material called carbon filament, which seemed to have the extraordinary property of conductive heating, and they thought of using this to deliver Heat Therapy for managing pain. By 2017, the team had developed SandPuppy Fitbelt PLUS – the world’s first app-controlled, heating belt for back pain relief. The core design for SandPuppy was unique and SandPuppy filed for a design patent in 2017.


The SandPuppy team believes in innovation and solving issues from first principles. No one embodies this more than Mukund Deogaonkar, Founder and CEO.

Mukund is an industry veteran, well travelled and a serial entrepreneur. He is a SandPuppy guinea pig, insisting on trying every product himself for days on end, until he is convinced about the solution.

Bringing software and hardware together to solve a problem isn’t easy. Focusing on the customer problem while doing both is even harder.

It’s what defines Milind Shende, SandPuppy’s young and dynamic co-founder and Engineering Head. Thanks to work with SandPuppy and IOT systems, Milind is now a sought-after solution designer for systematic grounded approach and works with partners all over the world to drive design execution.

Discovering customer needs digitally is the SandPuppy way of being lean and agile. Swati is responsible for SandPuppy’s digital presence.

Swati loves working with data and is a Google Adwords and an Amazon Ninja.

Everything at SandPuppy is customer-oriented. And Prachi brings the voice of the customer to the team. She personally talks and interacts with dozens of customers a week, long chatty conversations and that’s the reason when consumers call the SandPuppy number, they start with “Prachi?”.

Prachi is passionate about building the SandPuppy brand by building an unbelievable customer experience.


Satish manages all things business at SandPuppy. Sharp-minded and with a good sense of consumer, Satish is the backbone for the SandPuppy customer team.

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