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As our bodies age, it is natural for body pains and aches to occur frequently. Back Pain and Knee pain in particular tend to be common complaints in senior citizens. It can be hard to understand from our loved ones the specific kind of body pain they may be going through. SandPuppy Physio is an online Physio consultation service, offered free of charge to any one needing a consultation. 

Common reasons to have an online Physiotherapy Consultation:

  • Live remotely

  • Lack of time for in-person Physiotherapy

  • Looking to learn more about your condition

  • Wanting a second opinion

  • Temporarily housebound

  • Advise on use of rehabilitative exercise and therapy. 

A trained professional knows the right questions to ask.  

SandPuppy has a team of trained professionals who can check in on you or your loved one. Check-ins are done on the phone or if possible, on a video call. They can be set up as a one-off appointment or a check in every 15 days, and this allows the user to report the progress to the physio. Often it is just about the periodic check in that helps show progress.

How Does An Online Physiotherapy Consultation Work?

At its core, an online Physical Therapy consultation delivers the same service as an in-clinic consultation – just delivered online. As the name suggests, an online Physiotherapy consultation is perfect for those unable to seek help in person. 

  1. Online Physiotherapy Assessment

Like any regular Physical Therapy assessment, your therapist will need to ask a series of specific questions to fully understand the nature of your complaint. You may also need to perform a series of physical movements and tests to round out your diagnosis. Im case of severe ailments, your assessment may require an in-person visit to your physiotherapist. If it’s possible, the SandPuppyTherapist will herself work with you to make a plan for your recovery.

  1. Online Physiotherapy Treatment

After achieving a clear assessment, your therapist will likely provide in-depth education on the following:

  • What your injury is

  • Why it occurred

  • Likely lifestyle factors involved in your injury

  • Recommendations for work and activity going forwards

  • Estimated time of recovery

Your Physiotherapist may also provide an exercise program tailored specifically to your needs. These exercises typically focus on improving any deficits in strength, mobility, posture and body mechanics. As your condition improves, these exercises will change and progress with you. Once you feel your rehabilitation is complete we can prescribe more exercises to help maintain your status and prevent reoccurrence.

  1. Support

Physiotherapy is not just about assessments, diagnoses, education and treatment, it’s also about support. So it’s important to feel you have the capacity to ask questions and seek guidance with an online Physiotherapy consultation.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note our online session are of guidance and counselling nature and not meant to substitute for a medical visit. Do visit a doctor or a physiotherapist nearby whenever possible. 

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