Back Pain

Back Pain is one of the most commonly experienced symptoms of modern lifestyles. 4 out of 5 adults over the age of 50 has experienced back pain at some point in their lives. More than 20% women report debilitating period cramp pain and for the modern woman, making it one more thing they live with when they work to express themselves at home and at work. 

Busy professionals with a hectic travel schedule don’t really have the time to rest their bodies and the constant travel and stress frequently causes bouts of back pain. 

Surprisingly, even people with intense workout schedules experience back soreness (the lower back muscles is one of the least exercised muscles in the body). Most people end up taking some pain relief medication or apply a spray in an effort to get on with their day. 

Heat therapy is easily one of the safest pain management techniques for pain relief available today. SandPuppy makes heat therapy modern, safe and convenient for  men and women to be able to get through a busy day.

SandPuppy Fitbelt

Battery operated back pain relief belt

SandPuppy Fitbelt PLUS

Battery operated back pain relief belt With Mobile app and Vibration

SandPuppy BackStrap

Electric back pain relief belt

SandPuppy HeatWrap

Electric back pain relief belt

SandPuppy Coolpad

Cold Therapy pack

SandPuppy for Back Pain – Comparison of Technical Specs

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