SandPuppy HeatWrap

SandPuppy Heatwrap - heating pad for back pain relief

SandPuppy HeatWrap is a versatile heating pad with adjustable heat settings. Perfect for back pain relief. Also great for knee pain, shoulder pain, and elbow pain relief.

SandPuppy Heatwrap is a versatile heating pad made with a soft velcro fabric and has been specially designed to be convertible to fit the back, knee, shoulder and even elbow.

Just strap it on around wherever your ache is and let the soothing comfort of heat relax you.

Application of heat relaxes muscles, warms up and lubricates joints before activity and even eases muscle spasms. What’s more, heat therapy is non-invasive and non-chemical, making it absolutely safe for everyone.

SandPuppy Heatwrap fits snugly around multiple parts unlike most heating pads and provides a deep penetrative heat. It is the perfect, versatile, lightweight and safe heating pad that provides quick relief.

  • Adjustable heat levels

  • Safe, lightweight, instant heating

  • Unique design- Heating pad converts to perfectly fit back, knees, shoulders and elbows. Easy velcro strap to hold firmly in place

  • Ideal for comfort and relief from chronic pain

  • Relaxed muscles due to deep penetrative heat


Add the extenders to the main heating pad and wrap it snugly around your back


Place the main heating pad on your knee and wrap the Velcro sections above and below the knee


Close one end of the heating pad. Slip your arm in with the closed section at the bottom. Loop the Velcro stretch band around the heating pad on your shoulder and under the opposite arm to make it sit firmly on your shoulder



Size. All Fitbelts are designed to be a universal from size small to a XXL. For XXXL, we have an extender (included). Call us if you need a custom fit. 

Safety. All Sandpuppy products are built to BIS standards. Electric heating belts available in the market are dangerous as most of them are connected to an electrical source directly and run a risk of short circuit above a certain voltage. 

Body. Suitable for back only. It is NOT intended as a support belt. 

Can I adjust the heat? Yes! 

Is this a weight loss or a sauna belt? No.

Is this Far Infrared Radiation? Yes! Infrared is a type of light that humans can’t see, but can feel as heat. “Far” describes where the wavelengths fall on the light spectrum. These far-infrared light waves heat your body directly without the need to heat the air around you. FIR light can transfer energy purely in the form of heat and reach deeper layers of body tissue, which is why FIR is the light of choice for bodily therapy. 

What is your return policy?  We have a 1 year “No questions Asked” warranty during which we will replace your product free of charge. We also refund your purchase net of shipping, within 30 days of your purchase.

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All SandPuppy products are backed by a 12 month warranty and Free shipping

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