SandPuppy Strappr

Wireless Heating Strap for joint pains (Regular Size)

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Wireless, Unique Strap Design Heating Pad which can be used for all joint, neck and shoulder pains.

  • Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) based heat

  • Velcro strap for strapping around affected area and holding in place

  • Rechargeable and very Lightweight to handle

  • Adjustable heat levels

  • Battery Operated – can be charged with any USB mobile charger. (NOTE: USB Charging cable is not included with product)

  • Also available in XL size with a larger heating area


SandPuppy Strappr – Wireless, Portable heating pad for knee pain relief.

SandPuppy Strappr is a heating pad for knee pain. It is a wireless, rechargeable battery-powered heating pad that can also be used for ankle pain and joint pain by providing targeted heat therapy.

Strappr heat therapy for knee pain can be used to relieve pain from muscle injury & spasms, arthritis, meniscus tear, sports injury or general fatigue.

To accelerate healing and improve blood circulation to the affected area, Strappr offers an easy-to-operate switch that lets you control the heat on three levels and experience instant pain relief.

Unlike traditional electric heating pads or heating belts, It comes with an easy-to-strap mechanism, which allows the user to wear the Strappr heating pad and be free to move around.

Strappr is battery-powered, which makes it safe for use every day even by the elderly. Each battery charge lasts for 60 minutes of use. SandPuppy products are covered with a 1 year replacement warranty against all manufacturing defects.

Additional information

Weight 0.217 kg
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 3 cm


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