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Wireless Heating Strap for joint pains | For Knee, Ankle, Elbow pain


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Wireless Heating Pad for Joints

    • Technology- Strappr works on Far Infrared Technology heat therapy that helps in faster recovery by improving blood flow to the targeted area. Deep penetration of FIR helps in muscle and tissue relaxation.

    • Design – The strappr is designed with an easy-to-strap-on mechanism for the aching joint. Strappr has a wide heating area of 6 * 6.5 to cover larger joints and provide targeted heat. Velcro design ensures that size fit is universal and can be worn by people of different body types.

    • Ease of use- Strap it on, connect to the power bank, long press to turn it on, and feel the instant heat relax your joints. Attach the power bank pouch to the strappr and you are ready for your day. It’s that simple

    • Power bank features- The 5V rechargeable power bank ensures a longer working time for the strappr. The power bank serves the dual purpose of powering the strappr as well as charging your phone.

    • Safety: Strappr is uniquely designed with a rechargeable power bank that we use on a daily basis. This makes it much safer to use than a traditional electric heating pad that uses 220V power.

    • Ideal for- Strappr is ideal for people with active lifestyles and elderly people with chronic pain. Heat therapy helps relieve muscular aches and spasms caused due to exercise and also helps relieve arthritic pain.

    • Warranty : SandPuppy Strappr has a 12 Month Warranty that covers replacement and returns.


 SandPuppy Strappr is a wireless heating pad that relieves knee pain, ankle pain, and joint pain by providing targeted heat therapy. The SandPuppy strappr can be used to relieve pain from muscle injury & spasms, arthritis, meniscus tear, sports injury, or general fatigue. Recommended for elderly people with chronic knee pain and joint pain: Arthritic pain can be relieved by 30-60 minutes of heat therapy. Improved blood flow and warmth reduce pain considerably.

The strappr heat therapy works on Far Infrared technology by deep tissue penetration and increasing the blood circulation around the area. This helps in faster healing and longer-lasting effects. Strappr offers an easy-to-operate switch that lets you control the heat on three levels- High, Medium, Low.

      The Strappr comes with a rechargeable 5V power- bank that has a working time of 60 mins to 150 mins based on the temperature mode used. With its easy-to-strap mechanism and the rechargeable 5V power bank, it makes it easy for you to go about your work while using the strappr.

The power bank can be used to recharge your phone. It is also available separately for purchase.

How to use-

  1. Charge the power- bank with the USB cable provided and a regular phone charger. The LED light on the charger will blink white while charging. Press the button on the right side to turn on the power bank.

  2. Place strappr on the aching joint and use the band to fasten it tight

  3. Connect the cable from strappr to the charged power bank.

  4. Press the power switch on strappr for 5secs to turn on.

  5. The switch turns red which is High Mode (70 degrees). Short press switch to get Medium mode (White light- 60 degrees) and once again to get to Low mode (Blue light- 50 degrees)

  6. The strappr automatically switches to Medium mode after 5 mins as a safety measure. You can adjust the temperature to the desired mode.

  7. Once connected, place the power bank in the pouch provided and attach it to any convenient part of the strappr. You are all set to go about your work now.

  8. Long press the switch to turn off the strappr

  9. If you feel that the heat is insufficient, charge the power bank.

Additional information

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Dimensions 32 × 17 × 5 cm

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Nea Sharma

    Best ever product for chronic knee pain. Its small size is very convenient and my daughter loves the carry bag!

  2. 5 out of 5


    My mom who suffers from Chronic knee pain uses this and she loves it. Instant heating with quick relief she says . Go ahead and buy without a doubt !

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