SandPuppy Strappr

Sand-Puppy Strappr knee pain relief product also suitable for elbow pain and ankle pain

About SandPuppy Strappr

SandPuppy Strappr is a wireless heating pad that relieves knee pain, ankle pain, and joint pain by providing targeted heat therapy. The SandPuppy Strappr can be used to relieve pain from muscle injury & spasms, arthritis, meniscus tear, sports injury, or general fatigue. Recommended for elderly people with chronic knee pain and joint pain: Arthritic pain can be relieved by 30-60 minutes of heat therapy. Improved blood flow and warmth reduce pain considerably.


Sand-Puppy Strappr knee pain relief product

The Strappr is designed with an easy-to-strap-on mechanism for the aching joint. Strappr has a wide heating area of 6 * 6.5 to cover larger joints and provide targeted heat. Velcro design ensures that size fit is universal and can be worn by people of different body types.


Strappr works on Far Infrared Technology heat therapy that helps in faster recovery by improving blood flow to the targeted area. Deep penetration of FIR helps in muscle and tissue relaxation. This helps in faster healing and longer-lasting effects. Strappr offers an easy-to-operate switch that lets you control the heat on three levels- High, Medium, Low.

Sand-Puppy Strappr knee pain relief products benifits

5V Power bank

Sand-Puppy Strappr knee pain relief product with powerbank

The 5V rechargeable power bank ensures a longer working time for the Strappr. The power bank serves the dual purpose of powering the Strappr as well as charging your phone. The power bank can be charged with a regular phone charger


The Strappr comes in a reusable drawstring bag.

Sand-Puppy Strappr knee pain relief products packaging

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