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An active lifestyle can frequently lead to injuries on the joints. Whether you are running, gymming or playing a sport, joints like the elbow, wrist, knee or ankle bear the most brunt, often leading to an annoying and discomforting pain and injury.

For senior citizens, especially women, knee pain is a daily reality and is experienced as excruciating pain in the mornings and after periods of inactivity.

As advised by doctors and physiotherapists, Heat application for 20-40 min relaxes muscles, warms up and lubricates joints before activity and even eases muscle spasms.

SandPuppy KneeStrap is an electric heating pad designed specifically for knee pain.

  • Unique design – Heating pad that can be wrapped to fit around all joints with an easy Velcro strap to hold it firmly in place

  • Electric Heating Belt engineered to BIS standards of safety

  • 3 Adjustable heat levels: Low: 45 ℃, Medium: 55 ℃, High: 65 ℃

  • Electric Strap – Plug into a power source and switch on

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

  • Gives comfort from niggling knee pain


  • Advanced carbon fabric heating material

  • Soft scuba fabric and unique strapping design to fit tight around the joint – all sizes

  • Adjustable heat level with an easy, intuitive usage suitable for senior citizens

  • Ideal for comfort and relief from chronic pain, deep penetrative heat

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty – to know more please reach out to us on +91 7767813666

SandPuppy Kneestrap - Heating Pad for Knee Pain Relief


SandPuppy Kneestrap is made with an advanced carbon fibre heating material, wrapped in soft neoprene which, unlike most heating pads, fits snugly on knee joints and provides deep and penetrative heat.


Unlike most heating pads, The kneestrap is connected to mains power source through a 12V DC power source which makes it absolutely safe to use.

SandPuppy Kneestrap - Heating Pad for Knee Pain Relief


Size. All Kneestraps are designed to be a universal fit for all joints.

Safety. All Sandpuppy products are built to BIS standards. Electric heating belts available in the market are dangerous as most of them are connected to an electrical source directly and run a risk of short circuit above a certain voltage. Sandpuppy Kneestrap is an electric pad connected to electric power through a safe 12V DC power adapter.

Body. Although it’s designed for the knee, it can be used for elbow & ankle joints as well.

Can I adjust the heat? Yes! You can adjust the heat after powering on by pressing the power button again to go to medium and once more after that to go to low. Each press changes the heat setting from High to Medium to Low to High again. Do wait for a few seconds after each press to ensure you are the right heat level.

Is this Far Infrared Radiation? Yes! Infrared is a type of light that humans can’t see, but can feel as heat. “Far” describes where the wavelengths fall on the light spectrum. These far-infrared light waves heat your body directly without the need to heat the air around you. FIR light can transfer energy purely in the form of heat and reach deeper layers of body tissue, which is why FIR is the light of choice for bodily therapy. 

Why is my product not switching on? Please long press (hold power button for at least 3 seconds) till it switches on. If its not switching on even after a long press, please ensure its connected to the power bank properly. If no, then please charge the power bank for a minimum of 60 minutes and connect back.

What is your return policy?  We have a 1 year “No questions Asked” warranty during which we will replace your product free of charge. We also refund your purchase net of shipping, within 30 days of your purchase.

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All SandPuppy products are backed by a 12 month warranty and Free shipping

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