Pregnancy body pain

What causes Knee Pain and Back Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings you happiness. But after the baby comes out. Pregnancy in itself is not easy. Along with random sickness, mood swings come joint pain and back pain. While a pregnant lady may experience pain all over, knee pain and lower back pain are the most common ones.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to combat these body pains and have a pleasant pregnancy period.

Following are some of the common reasons for body pain.

Weight gain and growing uterus

As your uterus expands, the center of gravity shifts while also weakening the abdominal muscles. This causes primarily lower back pain in pregnant women. It’s not only your uterus growing, your overall body weight also increases in the pregnancy period. Increased weight puts an increased amount of stress on your hips, back, and especially knees causing knee pain.

Posture change

While being pregnant, there is an obvious change in your posture. Carrying extra weight in the front causes weight to shift towards your back causing pain in the lower back and hips.

Pregnancy hormones

Female hormones like estrogen cause ligaments to weaken. The hormones released during pregnancy such as relaxin and progesterone loosens the ligaments. This can make few joints lose their normal strength and stability.

When the ligament loosens up, you might experience pain in that specific area.


What is the solution?

Well, the pain can be managed quite effectively if few things are regularly done.

Using a belly band

Belly bands can be worn around to support the abdomen to effectively reduce lower back pain. It is suggested to wear the belly band starting from the middle of the third trimester to its end.


Exercising regularly to keep the joints fit and muscles strong can go a long way to support your joints better and reduce the chances of getting joint pains.

Simply moving around as much as possible will also help. Exercises such as prenatal yoga, prenatal pilates can help a lot in keeping your body fit.

Sleeping position

If you are experiencing lower back pain, try sleeping on the side with pillows between your legs.

Heat therapy

If you experience pain around your knees or lower back use heat therapy to get relief from pain and possibly reduce the pain by increasing the circulation in that area. Make sure not to directly apply heat on the belly and use a safe heating pad from a reliable brand.

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