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The relationship between weight loss and pain

Weight loss is a major sought after goal of many people. No matter what the age group, everyone wants to lose the extra kilos. People go on dieting, starving themselves. They do vigorous exercises without proper advice and understanding. This goes on to further medications claiming to help weight loss. The list is endless. People have started trying unaccepted methods. It has become very important to understand the correct ways and lose weight in a healthy way.

There are many people who want to lose weight but are unable to exercise due to pain problems. They are ready to understand and work their way out. But have difficulties as soon as they start their workout. This leads to them losing their motivation.

Pain in overweight

Overweight individuals tend to develop pain issues. Due to the constant weight pressures on their knees, the joint goes through overstressing and friction. This leads to wear and tear in the joint. Pain and instability follow.

The spine also bears the weight, posturing and bending of the body. They may strain and lose their curvatures. The intervertebral discs in between also suffer. They may degenerate and herniate. Slowly and steadily, back pain issues develop.

Due to less physical activities and exercise, the individual may also start experiencing neck and shoulders pain. Due to the constant movements of the heavy arms, the person will feel fatigued in the shoulders.

Therefore, being overweight can itself lead to many pain issues.

Importance of weight loss

Correct weight loss is not just a want, it is a necessity. It is very essential for a healthy body and a happy life. It helps to make sure all the body systems are working efficiently without any stresses and pressures. It will avoid the narrowing and occlusion of blood vessels. It will make blood circulation better. It will also reduce the toxin built up in your body.

It will help to stabilize the blood sugar levels. It will also improve blood cholesterol and blood pressures. It also helps to lessen the load on the heart. It leads to less stress on bones and joints. Improved weight means less stress on joints. This will in turn reduce the intensity of joint pain or even remove it. The exercises will strengthen the muscles, improving the muscular tones. This will further avoid injuries and reduce the risks of strains.

It also helps in improving sleep. Stress levels are reduced as well as fatigue levels. The exercises and dietary improvements themselves give you a goal to look forward to. Self-esteem is boosted. Your look is definitely improved. You feel better about yourself and confident.

Losing weight

Exercising is the most accurate way to go. Understand the correct way of the exercises you must do according to your age group and conditions. If required, talk to a physiotherapist. Do your workouts every day thoroughly. Make sure you rest as required in intervals. You can try a variety of exercises to make your weight loss interesting. You can start yoga, which is great for reducing fat in a healthy way. You can also play sports like cricket football, basketball, badminton, etc.

A good diet is also essential during weight loss. Make sure to take lots of proteinaceous food like pulses, soya beans, egg, meat, etc. Avoid fried, very sweet and over-spicy foods. Take proper amounts of fruits. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Do not take medicines claiming to reduce your weight without any exercises and dietary changes. There is no such thing! No magic can suddenly make the fats in your body vanish without any changes in your lifestyle. Make sure to take care of any health condition or disease you have. Take the appropriate treatment alongside your weight loss journey. Also, if required, take a little break when your health condition demands so.

Weight loss with pain

Pain in joints is very common for all age groups no matter what the cause. This may be due to degenerating conditions, stress/strain injuries, sports injuries, etc. People may leave or avoid exercising due to this. This may further increase their weights.

It is important to understand the cause of the pain first. Accordingly, the treatment must be started. After the doctor has advised you to go ahead and exercise, you should continue the treatment and alongside start with mild exercises. Then progress to strengthening and moderate to vigorous exercises. Fast walking, running, sports, swimming, etc activities can be adapted.

Just before exercising, you can use heat therapy. It will help to reduce the pain. It will improve blood circulation and replenish nutrients. This will also help to lower the fatigue rates. So, when you exercise, it will be easier and less painful. You can also use the heating device while you exercise. This will continually help provide heating benefits throughout the drill.

After you exercise, you can use cold therapy to reduce inflammation. It will calm down the muscles from the workout. It will also help to avoid the Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMES).

Make sure to perform basic stretching exercises and warm-up before and after the workout. The warm-up before the exercises will help to prepare the body for the exercises. It will get the body geared up with improving blood circulation and stimulated muscles. Cool down after the workout will help to relax and avoid sores.

Make sure you reduce and maintain your correct weight. It is essential to living a healthy life. No matter what the obstacle, may it be pain or lots of work, manage your time properly and do what’s necessary for yourself. No excuses, just do the work and become the best version of yourself!

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