working from home These top 5 Chairs will help you fight Back Pain

These top 5 Chairs will help you fight Back Pain

As work from home has become a norm with an increasing number of people working from their home instead of from offices, people are also seeing an increase in neck and back pain. This is mainly due to sitting in improper postures for long hours.

Chairs are probably the most important part of a work from home setup. Well, for any office work environment, you have a choice to pick up the most appropriate chair for you.

While working, a chair is where you sit for long hours. The way you sit, where you sit will affect your posture. Maintaining a good posture is essential for back, neck and shoulders. Chairs help you in maintaining proper posture, if it’s a good one.

Well, here is a list of the best chairs in the market that you can add to your setup whether you are freelancer, an office worker stuck at home or even a gamer!

Number 5

GREEN SOUL Seoul-X Mid Back Office

A good mid-back chair that comes from quite a reputable brand, Green Soul. This chair is a standard mid back chair with comfortable fabrics and quite good quality for the price range.

The chair doesn’t boast any neck rest or highly adjustable back but, the chair can be tilted till 105 degrees. It has height adjustment and is suitable for people with height 5’10”.
Overall, a solid chair if you want it for temporary until you start working in the office! Or if you have a serious budget constraint, this one hits the right spot.

Number 4

Savya Home APEX Chairs Apollo Chrome Base HIGH Back

A classic high back chair that will help you maintain your posture with robust back support and comfortable neck support. You can tilt the back till 125 degrees if you want to lay back comfortably.

It has mesh back which is handy during summer which prevents your back from sweating due to trapped heat.
It can carry upto 120 kg of load and comes with 1 year of warranty. The price is reasonable at 5900 INR on Amazon for a high back chair.

Number 3

Amazon Brand - Solimo Elite High Back Mesh Office Chair

Another classic high back but this is slightly better than the earlier one in terms of quality. The chair looks more premium and also feels more premium. It also has lumbar support along with the standard height and tilt adjustment for more comfort and ergonomic support.

Priced higher than the Savya high back chair, the price is reasonable for what Solimo is providing. If you are someone who is gonna be on this chair for a long time, this is a great selection.

Number 2


Coming at number two is an executive chair that looks like it’s made for gamers. This chair is a multipurpose kind of chair that can be used by anyone. Freelancer, programmer, gamer, kid doing homework, anyone.
The tilt can be locked at any position and has adjustable height with a tolerance to a load of 120 kg. The only downside of this is its finish material, leather. It’s good but it might get problematic for some people in summer due to trapped heat.

Other than this minor inconvenience, this chair is super comfortable and has a premium look to it for its price range.

Number 1

Featherlite Liberate Game High Back Nylon Fabric Chair

At number one we have another high back chair but this time it’s a stylish premium chair and really comfortable coming from a reputable brand. It comes with adjustable height, tilt and lumbar support.

The frame is made of nylon which makes it light compared to its other competitors and a very comfortable fabric upholstery. Along with the usual height and tilt adjustment, you can also slide the seat front and back for better ergonomics.
This chair is absolutely worth it even though it comes at a pricey 17000.

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