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Neck Exercises to keep Neck Problem Free

By Dr. Mahima Handa (Physiotherapist)

Your neck pain needs to be understood and taken care rightly. You need to find and understand the cause first. Then, understand the required treatment for it. The specific exercise protocol must be followed as prescribed by your therapist.

This may consist of different therapies, exercises and advises. These will help you to ensure healthy tissues with good blood flow. Let us go through some of the major regimens.

Neck shoulder spine exercise
Few Stretching exercise for neck


Stretching exercises are very good for the basic strain relief. They provide relief to the stiff tissues and better mobility.

This can be done by basic neck movements and rotations. If you feel pain at a specific point in a specific movement, you must talk to your therapist.

Strengthening exercises

Relaxing technique for head pain

Strengthening will help to improve the tone of the muscles. It also provides a sense of pain relief.

You can do this by keeping a hand on your forehead and pressing them against each other.

Hold for 5 seconds, relax and repeat.

Perform this for in four directions.

You can also perform this while lying down by pressing down against a pillow.


It is very important to improve our way of working to ensure good health.

The laptop or the monitor should be placed at the eye level.

The neck must not be strained to look at a particular point for long hours.

Move and stretch every 20 minutes. Make sure you are comfortable.

You can sit on a chair with back support or with support of a pillow.

Good Posture

Correct and wrong sitting posture. Workplace ergonomics Health Benefits. Office space setup.

A proper posture is very important no matter what you are doing.

Try to make sure you keep your neck straight. Shoulders should be stretched back a little and relaxed.

The head should be straight and with eyes at an equal level.

Heat & Cold therapy

Heat therapy will help to improve blood flow in the neck tissues. It will lead to a sense of pain relief. It would also induce healing processes.

Cold therapy helps to relieve pain and swelling. It can be used after every workout or strainful event. It can also be used alternatively as contrast therapy with heat therapy. It will help to improve circulation and relieve stiffness.

Different medical conditions require different methods of treatment. It is important to understand which is needed for you. There are even more exercises and techniques available for various conditions. You can talk to a physiotherapist to understand better for yourself.

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