Riding bike for long can cause back pain

Does riding bike cause back pain?

Well, there is no direct answer to this. It depends on many factors like the ergonomics of your bike, riding position, the time you spend riding, traffic, road conditions, bike condition, to name a few. If you are riding a Yamaha R15 to work every day, you will most probably suffer from back and neck pain. Why? It’s a bike for sports, not for a daily commute. If you are riding for 3 hours daily with bad road conditions, you will probably suffer from lower back pain and neck pain.

Let’s look at some important factors that might cause back pain while riding.

The bike and its ergonomics

This is very obvious. The type of bike you choose will have a direct effect on your back pain. If you commute for longer, getting a bike that is comfortable for you makes sense. Getting a sports bike like Yamaha R15 is not a good option for commuting.

Leaning forward by too much isn’t good for you unless you are racing around a track. If you are not, a bike that allows you to ride with a slightly forward-leaning back is the ideal one for you. The position of the footpegs or footrests is also something you have to check for good posture.

A few use cases for you to understand better.

  • A cruiser model bike for long trips or cross-country trips. Example: Royal Enfield Bullet or a Himalayan.
  • A street model for daily commute. Example: Pulsar range of bike, Yamaha FZ models or Hero Splender.
  • A sports model is not ideal most of the times since it requires you to lean forward by a lot and stay in a position not comfortable for a daily commute.

Bike condition

The physical condition of the bike also determines whether it will give you back pain. Keep the bike well maintained with periodic service to reduce the vibrations.  Make sure the tyres and suspension are in good condition to absorb the shocks. This will keep your back away from getting the brunt of bad vibrations.

Road condition

Well, there isn’t much you can do about this. Having better road conditions will reduce the chance of you getting back or neck pain. Try to take the route with better road conditions and avoid bumpy, bad roads as much as possible.


Comfortable seats

Get a custom seat with a better cushion to make your ride more comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the lesser the chance of you getting back pain.


Bike riding is fun but, can cause back pain if you are riding it daily without taking care of these essential things.


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