Pain in ankle while running

What is making your ankle pain and how to treat it.

The ankle joint is a less spoken yet, important joint. It is related to major functions like standing and walking. Major outdoor sports require strong ankles and feet. Our day to day activities require us to move around. Due to ankle pain, it can get very uncomfortable and irritable. Our daily activities get affected.


Ankle pain may occur due to medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, lupus, etc. It may also occur due to trauma. The tendon or bursa may be affected causing inflammation called tendinitis or bursitis. Sprains may occur, which are tears in the ligament. It may also be due to flat feet, which is a condition involving the reduction of the foot arch. It may also be due to infections.


The treatment depends on the cause of the pain. Make sure you talk to a doctor about your pain. The correct treatment is necessary for the proper improvement of the condition.


Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis – Both conditions require proper exercise. These involve basic ankle movements and stretches. Heat therapy will also provide relief. Talk to a physiotherapist for the accurate protocol for you.

Sprains – It should be given cold therapy. A compression bandage can be applied to avoid swelling. Proper rest must be given. The foot can also be elevated comfortably using elevation ropes or pillows to avoid swelling.

Tendinitis and bursitis – It must also be given cold therapy. Ice compressions and elevation will also help.

Flat foot – Proper exercises of the flat foot must be adapted like heel stretches, calf raises, arch lifts, towel curls, etc. Arch supports are available which can be worn to aid in improving the feet arches.

Infections- Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, etc could be prescribed by the doctor. If required, drainage of infected pus may be necessary. 

Footwear corrections- Sometimes, incorrect footwear may lead to ankle pain or increases the chances of conditions causing ankle pain. Therefore, it is necessary to wear the correct type of footwear. It must not be totally flat, a slight heel is necessary. Very high heels are also not good. The toes must rest comfortably and not in pain. It must contour the arch of the foot. The feet must not hurt and be comfortable.

Trauma- It may affect the bones or ligaments. It must be well-rested and then given accurate exercise. Cold therapy will prove to be very helpful. Compression must be provided for avoiding swelling.

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