SandPuppy Warmr keeps you warm in winter

Winter Wear is now high-tech – Meet the new SandPuppy Warmr

Layers keep the cold away. But layers are bulky and not easy to carry around the whole day. But why do we use layers? Simply put, layers reduce heat loss from our body. More the layers, the more difficult it is for body heat to escape. Though we lose heat all over the body, the cold is felt the most around our nose, ear lobes and fingers, as heat finds it easier to escape from the ends and extremities of the body.
Protective winter wear insulate the body to avoid heat loss. Woolens, especially, are excellent insulators. But woolen or otherwise, winter wear don’t add heat. They just protect your body heat. Is there a way to actively increase heat on the body?Thanks to advances in carbon technology, there is.
A Heating Vest. when worn and the battery  powered on, the carbon tape inside the vest heats up, like an electric blanket, making it the body lose less heat, while the insulating material of the jacket prevents even the little heat from escaping, making it extremely efficient way of preventing the body from feeling cold.
Winter – increased heart attack risk
It is observed, winter increases risk of heart attacks during winter. “A 2015 study showed death rates from circulatory problems, coronary heart disease and heart attacks all rose as temperatures fell. Every 1-degree Celsius drop in temperature (that’s 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) came with a 0.49% increase in deaths from all causes. Other studies have shown that when temperatures go down, strokes increase.”[1]
“Cold temperatures cause arteries to tighten, restricting blood flow and reducing the oxygen supply to the heart, all of which can set the stage for a heart attack.”[2]
How does a heating vest help?
  1. FIR heat and enhanced blood flow – SandPuppy heating vest is equipped with Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) heating and a power bank to keep the heat going. FIR heat penetrates muscle and body tissue, helps dilation of the vessels to enhance blood flow, making it easier for the heart to function and reducing the chances of a heart attack.
  2. Active heat Management – The heating level on the vest is easy to control making it easy for the vest to handle temperatures between 15 degrees and -5 degrees, reducing the need for additional insulation layers.
  3. Plentiful 4 hour backup – The SandPuppy heating vest comes with a powerful 20W power bank – good for nearly four hours of toasty warmth.
Available in different sizes and machine washable, SandPuppy Warmr is already on the shelves today, available on SandPuppy Website and on Amazon. Go ahead and buy a SandPuppy Warmr, it will be the only winter wear you will ever need.

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