Inage showing Importance of Diet in Exercise

Importance of Diet in Exercise

Exercises are a very important part of our lives today. They help us to make ourselves fit as well as maintain it. They also help us to reduce our pain problems.  Exercising is a crucial routine of every athlete’s day. It aids in burning fats. It also aids in building muscle tone. It strengthens the muscles and develops muscle mass. It will also improve the looks of a person, boosting their confidence levels. It will help avoid many diseases and disorders. It makes sure, you live a quality life.

Diet plays a major role to assist you in your exercises. It needs to be proper to help ensure the exercises you perform actually help you meet your goals. You should eat a well-balanced diet to ensure you fuel your body with the right nutrients it needs. It is important to understand the connection between your diet and exercises.

Before exercise

If you are eating a light meal, eat one hour before exercise. If it’s a large meal, eat 3-4 hours before exercise. Exercising right afterwards may lead to stomach pains or upset GUT. According to research, having some carbohydrates before exercise can help you to work out for a longer time or for higher intensities. Eating less than you should leave you feeling sluggish or weak. You can have food items like whole grains bread, egg, juice, fruits, etc. Having coffee one hour before is also fine. But it won’t help your workout in any way. Drink plenty of fluids, may it be water or fruit juices. Staying hydrated is very important.

All-day diets

Take balanced meals. Make sure to include all the nutrients in your diet- carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Yes, fats must be included in your diet. It should definitely be in small amounts, but it should be present. Proteins are the most essential nutrient while building muscle mass and strength. It should be kept on high priority. It is the main component of muscle build-up. If not taken in the required amounts, no matter how high-intensity workouts you perform, muscles will stay slim. For protein requirements, you can have pulses, eggs, meat, milk, soya milk, etc.

Vitamins and minerals are also important. They are basically protective foods. They help to build your immunity to fight against diseases. Especially Vitamin C and zinc are very good to build your immunity. They have been given to all Corona infected patients. They are also taken by the medical personnel working in the covid department. Ensuring a good defence system avoids the diseases and disorders that can make you weak. They may also hinder your exercises and bring you back to where you started.

Proper electrolyte balance is also important, so salts and sugars in the right required amounts must be taken in the diet. Electrolyte refreshing drinks are also available in the market. But do ensure to drink the right drink. Fibre is also essential to be included in your daily food. It helps to clear your body systems of the waste products and helps to make sure the excretion process takes place properly. It will also avoid the waste being stuck in your gastrointestinal tract.

Avoid taking oily items, high sugar and very spicy foods. Avoid cold drinks; they contain very high amounts of sugar. You can reduce your sugar levels in your tea and coffee. Your snack items like biscuits, fritters, mixtures, etc also contain very high amounts of calories.

Never do crash diets. Starving yourself will do more harm than good. It will deplete your defence systems. It will only give you fatigue and tiredness. Instead of building muscle mass, it will lead to its disruption.

Proper fluid intake should also be maintained. Drink plenty of water. You can also have fruit/vegetable juices, sugarcane juice, coconut water, etc. It helps to ensure all your body systems work efficiently. Blood contains mostly water. So it is important for blood circulation to continue properly. It is also important for the joints. They need proper cushioning so that the bone surfaces avoid rubbing against each other. It will also aid inefficient movements.



A well-balanced diet is essential for any kind of exercise. All the nutrients must be included in the required amounts. Do not be fooled by advertisements claiming to be healthy foods. Many drinks claim to help you in your exercises; instead, they may contain heaps of sugar. Educate yourself properly before eating any item. Also, make sure to have a proper healthy lifestyle. Avoid awkward and wrong methods to avoid eating healthy. Remember, diet and exercise is the only way. If having any doubts, you can consult a doctor or a dietician.

Eat well, exercise well, live well.

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