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Best budget shoes for running marathon

Appropriate and good quality shoes are necessary for running marathons. Buying the right shoe will help you avoid ankle, knee and leg pain and also avoid potential sprains while running.

So, here are some of the best budget shoes for running a marathon.

Number 5

Sparx SM651

This shoe comes from a reputable brand Sparx. This is perfect for beginner marathon runners as it comes with regular fit and pull on closure (no lace) which might turn off some people who prefer having lace.
The shoe is perfectly good for running and it is really lightweight.

Number 4

Campus Royce 2

Next we have a very solid contender from Campus. Compared to the previous one, this comes with lace closure and has a medium shoe width.
The best part about this shoe is it’s spring-like sole structure. This helps in reducing the stress on the heels  and improves the responsiveness while running. Only downside of this shoe is it’s weight which comes at around 900 gm.The shoe is perfectly good for running and it is really lightweight.

Number 3

Reebok Tredlite Lux Lp

A great shoe from a reputed brand Reebok, this shoe is lightweight and comfortable with synthetic material used for outer material. This shoe has an advantage in the aesthetic department because of its stylish looks which come in different colours.
This shoe comes with regular shoe width and lace up closure. Rebook also gives you a solid 3 month warranty and that is a good thing.

Number 2

Reebok Guide Stride Run Shoes

Just below the top pick we have another shoe from the Reebok. The shoe is super comfortable and has a synthetic material for the outer material. The sole of the shoe is super comfortable and has amazing grip, in and out, for long running sessions.
Reebok offers you a 3 month warranty and comes in various colours. For the price, the shoe is a little heavier compared to our top pick.

Number 1

Bourge Men's Loire-z1

As the top pick, we have a great shoe from Bourge. Despite how it looks, this shoe is super light, 650 gm, for its price. All around, made for running, this shoe is perfect for a lot of marathon runners. Although it lacks a little in the aesthetic department, it is a solid performer.

With meshed outer material and a medium shoe width, the shoe is super comfortable and it is the recommended shoe if you do not care about the aesthetics.

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