Heating Vest for Winter

Winter And The Only Winter Wear You Will Ever Need!

Sandip, 29, a freelance journalist, groaned as he prepared for his morning jog in hilly city of Pune. The pleasant autumn months had drawn to a close, and temperatures had fallen sharply, and the early morning air was bitingly cold. He dug out his winter sweaters, old and musty from disuse, and wondered for the nth time, why did winter wear need to be so bulky? Sweater or a jacket, over his running tee which would start sweating ten minutes into the run anyway.
After the jog, he still needed to get on his bike and ride in the cold air to work. He is not alone in feeling irritated. Winters tend to be fun and exciting but also make the body prone to chills and colds, if not properly insulated. Whether a jog or the morning bike commute or an outdoor event, sweaters and jackets tend to be one accessory too many.
Well, not anymore. Warmr, an electronic hot vest from SandPuppy, as slim as a light jacket and as comfortable as an anorak. Sleeveless and equipped with heating inside, it can be worn like a fashionable light jacket or like a vest with a jacket over it.
A power button switches the heat on within seconds, the neck of the jacket comes silently to life, enveloping the neck with diffused warmth, and you feel ready to go.
 The back comes on next and the sensitive area between the shoulders starts to warm up. Finally, the front of the jacket over the upper chest warms up and within a few minutes you are feeling comfortable and ready to go.
Heating Vest for Winter
Over the next twenty minutes, the body adjusts to the warmth and feels relaxed. Depending on how cold it is outside, you might be tempted to tap on the button again to switch to a lower mode. You start to feel a bit like Iron Man by this point, but you get used to it. You are in control of how warm you want to feel, and guess what? You didn’t have to carry a single sweater or an old-fashioned muffler for it.

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