Get slimmer waist with waist training belts

Waist training myths demystified- Know the HOWS to a slimmer waist

A slimmer waist can be achieved with waist training. Waist training is done with the help of a cinching garment like a waist trainer or a corset. When done right, waist training can help you immensely in getting a slimmer waist. So, here is a guide to everything about waist training and to get started on that sleek waist you have been dreaming of.

Many people doubt the capabilities of waist training and often wonder if it really works or is it just a sham. The truth is, it works. If done correctly, with patience. 

To tell you the truth, waist training is not easy nor very fun. Remember that you have to wear a tight cinching garment for half the day while going about your routine work. Well, there are good waist trainers that will not make you feel like you are being tortured. Get one of those!

The first step in waist training is to choose the right waist trainer. Here’s how you do that.

  1. Breathable and comfortable – Gone are those days when the corset was made of wood with steel boning, allowing you no room to breathe or move freely. Modern science has come a long way. Choose one that allows you some moving room.
    Breathing is important too. Check if you are able to breathe freely while wearing the waist trainer. If you are freely moving and breathing, you have your match. Actually, 1/4th of a match. 
  2. Fit – Fit is of utmost importance. Your progress will depend on whether you have the correct fit or not. Accurately, measure your natural waist and get the perfect fit.
  3. Bulging and rolling – Bulging and rolling will tell you if your fit is correct or not. If your skin is bulging, it means that you have a size that’s big. If your skin is rolling inwards or outwards, it means that your selected fit is too small for you.
    Get your waist trainer exchanged for a more accurate fit.
  4. Shrinking – As you are waist training, your waist will get slimmer. This means that you need to get a waist trainer that will adjust to your slimming waist and make it tighter. 

Make sure that the waist trainer you select checks all these boxes. Now you are good to go.

The next step is to get ready mentally. As mentioned earlier, waist training is not a cakewalk. Many people who have done waist training agree with having irritation, agitated mind and discomfort.
It will be tough initially, but you will eventually get adjusted to it. When you are wearing your waist trainer for the first time, wear it for 2 hours. This will give your body enough space to adjust. Increase the time you wear your waist trainer by 2 hours every day and by the end of a week, you should be able to wear it for 8-10 hours.

You also might be wondering when should the waist trainers be worn. If you have chosen a waist trainer that is comfortable, you should be able to wear it anytime. It is recommended that you do not wear it while you are sleeping. Apart from that, you can wear it anytime you feel okay.

Do you need to do anything else while waist training?

Yes, you need to take care of your diet and exercise. Many people complain of the flab left behind around the waist even though the waist gets slimmer. Keeping in mind your diet and exercise will definitely give you the slimmer waist you desire.

Waist training can be really fruitful if you are using it the right way. A waist trainer is a strong tool that will give you motivation to eat right, exercise and lose weight. It is also important to maintain a healthy balance and not overdo it.

Happy waist-ing!

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