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Waist Training – Beauty comes in all Shapes

THE TONE- Is there an ideal shape?
An ideal waist size has forever been a debatable topic for beauty standards for women through the centuries. From the Victorian-era bony waist-cinchers to the Kardashian way to a tiny waist (remember the A4 challenge?), the perfect hourglass silhouette keeps recurring as an aspiration for women. However, the context has evolved drastically from society determining your waist size to you celebrating your shape, your way. Body shaping is now your choice, not anyone else’s.  
THE APPROACH- Knowing your shape
And this is where we began, here at SandPuppy design studio. To help you become a better you.  Inspiration was drawn from the classic bony corset to design a product that would flatter the waist and smoothen out flab. However, we realised that our women come with some fascinating variations of body sizes and proportions. Torso length ratio varies widely between body types, and we had to to figure an ideal ratio that would suit you, no matter what your body type. Most importantly, we realised women had wildly different demands on their day, and we felt we had to cater to that.  
From our discussions with women and trainers, there emerged enough scope to diversify Shape according to the purpose it could solve and the way it fits into the lifestyle of different women.  This directed us at SandPuppy to explore a completely new possibility series of modern waist trainers under the brand SandPuppy Shape, versatile solutions for managing your waist the way you want. We narrowed it down to two main ways – SandPuppy Activ for active waist training through exercise and SandPuppy Shape Daily  – for waist training through longer durations of wear. 
SandPuppy Shape Activ
Waist training has been one of the biggest fashion and workout trends of the past five years. For the agile woman who is ready to sweat it out, Shape Activ is a fantastic workout enhancer. With an integrated back support, it not only holds the excess flab around the waist but traps in body heat to enhance waist training and shaping through exercise and activity. Whether it is a relaxing yoga session or a rigorous Zumba session, we designed Shape Activ to hold your and balance core as you move and stretch. This gives you better balance, as your body is drawn in closer to your centre, supporting your back and also leaves you feeling more confident in your movement (fewer jiggly bits, you know?)
The stretchable fabric holds the body heat at your waist area causing enhances blood circulation, toxin flushing to help redistribute the excess flab faster, while giving enough room for movement. Reaching fitness goals would now become a step easier for women who aspire to get into shape through training and exercise. Shape Activ not only gives you confidence to hold your curves but also helps you work through them for getting into the shape that you desire.
SandPuppy Shape Daily
For the busy woman, chasing deadlines at her work desk or going around doing daily chores at home, Shape Daily is her everyday support. It is an ideal way to flatten out waist curves through longer periods of use. It has been integrated with a robust but flexible boning structure that aids in posture correction and improvement. Different from conventional body shapers that uncomfortably push you to an ideal waist size, Shape Daily is thinner and more flexible than the Activ, effortlessly conforming to your own shape while giving you a smooth silhouette along the sides.
The lightweight fabric feels ultra-soft next to your skin while giving a snug fit under your clothes. model wearing SandPuppy ShapeIt gracefully falls along the contours of your waist to give you more conviction to embrace your curves every day. A long term approach to progressively reach your favorite waist size, Shape Daily helps you flaunt your existing shape with enduring confidence.
THE FINAL TAKE-AWAY- Love your shape, your way
The idea of Shape was conceived with a notion of solving low confidence in women due to their excess fat resting on the waist and belly area. However, it evolved differently from the conventional waist cinching and shaping trends of bringing the waist to a preset ideal size. It does not conform to aspirational waist sizes or idealistic silhouettes but comfortably enhances the existing waist sizes.  The idea outstretched to become more flexible according the woman defining her own approach to waist shaping.
Like our women of today, Shape is versatile. There’s one for fitting into each scenario, whether active or every day. Shattering conventional bars of perfect shapes and sizes, it makes you build your own body and carry it with confidence. It’s your perfect partner to help you flaunt those alluring curves to the world with ease and eventually embrace them with love.

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