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How Agility can improve your Sport

Agility is the skill in physical fitness that enables the person to move quickly and accurately. It helps in providing swift and smooth movements.

It leads to a better physical performance. It helps to change and control the direction and position of the body. It aids in maintaining a constant, rapid and correct movement.

Importance of Agility

How Agility can improve your basketball

It is very helpful in any occupation or hobby related to physical work. It is mostly a major factor of performance in sports. All kinds of sport consist of a requirement of a swift and active movement.

May it be running and changing directions, stopping suddenly, turns, passes, hits, racket hits and so many actions occur due to proper agility. All the dancers, no matter which dance form, are aided by it. Agility leads them to swift and effortless looking movements.

The better the agility, better is their form.


Goals of agility are to enhance perceptual and cognitive abilities. It consists of effective and rapid stopping of one’s momentum.

It also consists of rapid reacceleration of movement. Agility training improves flexibility, balance and control. It also helps our body to learn to maintain accurate body postures and alignments. It improves our power and coordination.

Specific sport skills can be enhanced using it. It will also help to improve recovery time and maintain athletic performance. This will also aid in preventing injuries as the body will be trained to handle the stress and strains.

Agility Training

How Agility can improve your Taiichi

Agility training is usually specific to the sport or dance form practised. The required movements are closely studied and training protocols are decided.

They involve the specific warm-up, exercises, activities and cool down. This consists of the repetitions, sets, intervals, holds, rest periods, intensity and movement details. They are taught and practiced thoroughly and specifically for correct training. They are also maintained, improved and updated as per requirements.

Many interventions can also be incorporated for agility training like yoga, pilates, tai chi and otago exercise program.

Some general agility exercises

Two jumps forward and one backward

Narrow and wide Knee push ups

Side steps with toe touch

Squat and Hop

How Agility can improve your jumping ability

Lateral Plyometric Jump

How Agility can improve your Sport

Cone Drills

How Agility can improve your Sport

Medicine Balls Drills


jumping barriers gif

Hurdle Drills

Make sure you perform the correct exercises and in the correct ways. If you are a sports person, dancer or in any field requiring proper physical fitness, make sure you perform the correct required protocol. You can talk to a physiotherapist to understand better. Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going!

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