Slim waist by waist training

All about waist trainers- A guide to a slimmer, curvy waist and a more confident you

Who wouldn’t want a slimmer waist and a curvy “hourglass” figure? It’s possible with waist trainers. A waist trainer is a high-compression, cinching garment that is worn around the midsection. It tightens the waist and makes it slimmer and gives you a nice “curvy” shape immediately.

With this, you might remember Victorian times’ tight wooden corsets that they wore to achieve a dramatic “hourglass” figure. While the basic design is the same, modern waist trainers are often confused with these corsets.

Difference between waist trainers and corsets

Corsets are very powerful cinching garments that will dramatically reduce your waistline. This gives you a very accentuated hourglass figure. A waist trainer is also a cinching garment but doesn’t give you the dramatic shape you are looking for. Yes, it will shave off 1-2 inches of waistline and make you look slimmer but, not like a corset.

While the corset looks better in terms of providing shape, it has one obvious disadvantage. It doesn’t provide you with the flexibility that a waist trainer gives you. A waist trainer will allow you to work normally, work out and wear it daily for waist training.

A waist trainer is suitable for most women who are not looking for a dramatic alteration of their waist size. Along with providing you with the shape you desire, it also has other benefits.

Benefits of waist trainers

Increases perspiration and creates a “sauna” effect which aids fat loss and toxin removal. Great for women who want to reach their fitness goals.

Wearing a waist trainer also helps in improving your posture. A waist trainer firmly holds your midsection, which helps you in correcting your posture. Improving posture also helps you in relieving back pain which is a great added benefit.

Provides flexibility. Waist trainers are made of modern materials like nylon, latex and plastic (sometimes steel) boning. Modern materials like this provide all the functionality without sacrificing comfort.

Lose weight faster. Wearing a waist trainer daily and working out in it, fastens your fat loss progress. Yes, you can work out in a waist trainer like Sandpuppy Shape Activ.

While waist trainers have so many benefits, it has few cons like getting uncomfortable, acid reflux and shallow breathing.

When you are wearing a waist trainer, you might feel uncomfortable at first. But, you will eventually adjust to it. During summer, this might worsen and you will feel very warm because of the tight waist trainer.

A waist trainer is tightly wrapped around your midsection which compresses your stomach, oesophagus and intestines which may hinder digestion. A waist trainer can also compress your diaphragm which can lead to shallow breathing. These can be avoided with a simple tip of not tightening your waist trainer to this point.

All things considered, waist trainers are absolutely safe. Modern waist trainers can help women with postpartum recovery, loose abdomen or cellulite, reaching fitness goals, shed some waistline and feel confident about themselves.

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