Strained Eyes by using screen

Can your eyes get strained? How to reduce eye strain?

Your eyes are a sensitive organ and they get tired too. Constant adjustment to dark or bright conditions, looking around, they do a lot.

Yes, your eyes can get strained, tired and fatigued. In today’s world, where digital screens are a part of our daily life, eyes take a lot more stress on a daily basis which has made it quite common.

How to reduce the strain on your eyes?

Adjust lighting of your room/environment

Eyes work the most when they are constantly adjusting to varying light conditions. As a basic step, keep your room well lit according to your needs. If you work in front of a monitor or laptop screen, avoid glaring by not directing light on the screen.

Importance of keeping the room well lit

Periodic breaks

Just like your other muscles in the body, your eyes need rest too. When working for long hours, take periodic breaks and focus on something far. 

A break doesn’t mean you look away from your laptop only to scroll on Instagram. Give rest by not looking at screens.

Limit the screentime

It’s quite impossible to get rid of the screen time but you can definitely reduce them. If you are someone who works in front of a screen for long hours, invest in a good monitor or use blue-light filter spectacles.

Alternatively, you can use the blue-light filter on your device’s screen too.

Blink often and keep away dry eyes

This may seem trivial, but many people while reading or working do not seem to be blinking their eyes. This may lead to dry eyes. Blinking refreshes your eyes and produces tears that keep your eyes moist.

If you are experiencing dry eyes, see a doctor or use artificial tears.

You can use a cooling gel eye mask to rest and heal your eyes. Check out SandPuppy Eyefresh and SandPuppy Eyemask designed to keep your eyes strain-free and fresh.

Taking care of your eyes is important. Especially in this era where we are constantly staring at some digital device. Ensuring a few simple steps will ensure better eye health.

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