SandPuppy Warmrest


SandPuppy Warmrest

Wireless, Heated Neck Pillow for Travel and Neck support

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Wireless Heated Neck Pillow for relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Ultra-comfortable memory foam travel pillow for short or long haul travel

  • Adjustable heat levels to suit the mood and comfort

  • Far InfraRed Radiation (FIR) based heat

  • Power bank that enables heating for up to 4 hours, depending on heating levels

  • Ideal for comfort and relief from chronic neck pain

  • Easy to carry, no wires, low weight

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


SandPuppy Warmrest – A Wireless Heated neck Pillow for relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Frequent travel, long commuting hours in a cramped sitting position is a common cause of neck pain. This is further alleviated by mental stress and physical fatigue.

SandPuppy WarmRest is exactly that – a way to rest your neck as well as apply heat to alleviate pain stress and recover from daily fatigue.

SandPuppy WarmRest is a battery operated, wireless neck support pillow with heating. Thanks to its stiff foam, WarmRest is often used as comfortable neck brace by users suffering from chronic neck pain. Its unique heating application offers a deep, penetrating heat into stiff neck and upper back muscles creating a soft warmth which is very restful for the body. It’s even ideal for a quick nap in your travel seat. Its 100% safe to use and can be carried wherever you go, even on airlines in cabin luggage.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm


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