SandPuppy Warmrest

SandPuppy Warmrest

Wireless, Heated Neck Pillow for Travel and Neck support


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    • Technology- Warmrest works on Far Infrared Technology heat therapy that helps in stress relief by improving blood flow to the targeted area. Deep penetration of FIR helps in muscle and tissue relaxation.

    • Design – Memory foam with heat – A memory foam takes the shape to support the head and neck, a heating mechanism to warm the neck to relieve stress, and provides utmost comfort while traveling or working from home

    • Ease of use- Place around the neck, connect to the power bank, long press to turn it on, and feel the instant heat relax your joints. Attach the power bank pouch to the warmest and feel the heat relax your neck. It’s that simple. SandPuppy Warmest gives you the freedom to use it on the go while waiting in the lounges or in your office nap pods.

    • Power bank features- The 5V rechargeable power bank ensures longer working time for the warmrest. The power bank serves the dual purpose of powering warmest as well as charging your phone.

    • Safety: Warmrest is uniquely designed with a rechargeable power bank that we use on a daily basis. This makes it much safer to use than a traditional electric heating pad that uses 220V power. Also, the outer material is skin-friendly & soft.

    • Ideal for- Sandpuppy Warmrest travel pillow with its soothing heat helps relieve the stressed neck caused due to frequent travel or a long working day.

    • Warranty : SandPuppy Warmrest has a 12 Month Warranty that covers replacement and returns. Register your purchase for SandPuppy Warranty by SMS or calling +91 77678 13666 or emailing at


SandPuppy Warmrest is an ideal travel pillow.  Frequent travel, long commuting hours in a cramped sitting position is a common cause of tiredness in the neck. This is further alleviated by mental stress and physical fatigue. SandPuppy WarmRest is exactly that – a way to rest your neck as well as applying heat to alleviate stress and recover from daily fatigue. It is even ideal for a quick nap in your travel seat. It is 100% safe to use and can be carried wherever you go, even on airlines in cabin luggage. SandPuppy Warmrest with its memory foam and heating mechanism creates the right support for the head to rest and the heating mechanism relieves stress in the neck.

Warmrest heat therapy works on Far Infrared technology by deep tissue penetration and increasing the blood circulation around the area. This helps soothe muscles around and reduces fatigue. Warmrest offers an easy-to-operate switch that lets you control the heat on three levels- High, Medium, Low.

 Warmrest comes with a rechargeable 5V power- bank that has a working time of 60 mins to 150 mins based on the temperature mode used. With its easy-to-strap mechanism and the rechargeable 5V power bank, it makes the perfect travel companion.

The power bank can be used to recharge your phone. It is also available separately for purchase.

How to use-

  1. Charge the power- bank with the USB cable provided and a regular phone charger. The LED light on the charger will blink white while charging. Press the button on the right side to turn on the power bank.

  2. Place warmrest around your neck

  3. Connect the cable from the warmrest to the charged power bank.

  4. Press the power switch on warmrest for 5secs to turn it on.

  5. The switch turns red which is High Mode (70 degrees). Short press switch to get Medium mode (White light- 60 degrees) and once again to get to Low mode (Blue light- 50 degrees)

  6. The warmrest automatically switches to Medium mode after 5 mins as a safety measure. You can adjust the temperature to the desired mode.

  7. Once connected,  insert it in the given pocket of the warmrest. You are all set to go about your work now.

  8. Long press the switch to turn off the warmrest

  9. If you feel that the heat is insufficient, charge the power bank.

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