Super Saver Pack: Heatwrap + Coldstrap Combo

Super Saver Pack: Heatwrap + Coldstrap Combo

Heating Wrap and cooling band combo | Multi-use Pain and injury relief


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  • SANDPUPPY HEATWRAP: Heatwrap’s unique design and large heating area ensure targeted heat therapy on joints (back, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow) that are difficult to cover with conventional electric heating pads. The velcro design ensures that size fit is universal and can be applied to people of various body types and sizes.

  • SANDPUPPY HEATWRAP: Made with advanced, durable, lightweight stretch velcro fabric, heatwrap uses advanced carbon heating materials to ensure uniform warmth to the affected area for maximum and instant pain relief.

  • SANDPUPPY HEATWRAP: Heatwrap is uniquely designed with a step-down 12V Safety DC Adaptor, which makes it much safer to use than a traditional electric heating pad that uses 220V power.

  • SANDPUPPY COLDSTRAP: Coldstrap’s versatile design allows strapping of it on knee/shoulder/hip/neck/ankle for injury pain relief. The product takes the shape of the body part to cover 39 sq inch area. The large cooling area ensures targeted cold therapy allowing the wearer to move around while wearing the coldstrap

  • SANDPUPPY COLDSTRAP: Coldstrap comes with a proprietary formulation that stays cool for 3 times longer than other gel packs. Each gel cold pack is built with double-sealed seams to prevent leaking. A premium fabric wrap along with stretch band is provided to aid compression for faster relief.

Get two of our most versatile products for heat and cold therapy in a bundle at a discounted price! Can be used by the whole family.

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SandPuppy Heatwrap is a multipurpose strappable heating pad that could also be used for back pain, elbow pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and joint pain relief.

Heatwrap heat therapy helps to accelerate healing and improves blood circulation in the affected area and helps relieve pain from muscle injury & spasms, arthritis, meniscus tear, sports injury, or general fatigue. The easy-to-strap mechanism allows the user to wear it snugly around the affected area and experience the full benefit of heat therapy.

  • Instant Plug and Heat with adjustable heat settings.

  • Far InfraRed Radiation (FIR) based heat.

  • Can be used for back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, ankle and elbow pain relief.

  • Ideal for age-related chronic pains affecting elderly

SandPuppy Coldstrap is a cold therapy strap for Muscle inflammation, Fatigue, and Injury recovery.  SandPuppy Coldstrap, when applied within 24 hours, takes over the job of soothing these sore muscles and ligaments to give immediate relief. It is uniquely designed to strap around the parts of your body that need healing. The feel of a hug and cold sensation will relax sore muscles very fast.

  • Reusable cold gel pack in a scuba pack and velcro strap Lasts at recovery temperature (4-14 degrees Celsius) for 40 minutes.

  • Can be strapped around any joint or muscle area to reduce swelling and inflammation after injury or sprains.

  • Non-Toxic, Anti-freeze HydroGel formula in a Leak Resistant pouch. 6 Months manufacturer warranty.

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