SandPuppy KneeBrace Hinged

Knee pain is associated as the staple of old-age condition. While it is true, knee pain is a common condition usually caused by wear and tear, injury to the meniscus, cartilage or ligament.

Knee pain can also happen due to undue, sudden stress on the knee, sports & gym activities and other medical conditions.

Having any such condition makes walking difficult since all your weight is supported by the knees. In such cases, knee support or brace can help take the stress away from already weakened knees.

How does a knee brace help?

  1. It provides support to the knee and eases the pressure on them.

  2. Provide support and healing for the knee.

  3. It reduces the tension on the knee joints.

SandPuppy Kneebrace is an ideal companion for people suffering from chronic knee pain, those recovering from ligament & meniscus injuries, sportspersons, gym goers & elderly looking for a reliable knee support cap.


SandPuppy KneeBrace Hinged features an Open Patella Design

SandPuppy Kneebrace features a contoured soft foam open patella design which keeps your patella in proper alignment & takes the pressure off from your kneecap. This ensures faster & effective knee pain relief.

Strong yet flexible hinges on both sides ensure adequate support while providing freedom of movement at the same time. This makes it suitable for casual walks, sports, gym & everyday use.

Three adjustable hook & loop closure belts provide adjustable levels of compression to suit your knee size & condition. Straps are wide enough to provide strong closure & keep the brace in place during activities & long use hours. 

Kneebrace provides knee stabilization from both sides
SandPuppy KneeBrace Hinged is designed with premium materials for utmost oomfort

Made with a premium breathable neoprene lycra material which is light weight & ultra comfortable. Breathable soft material ensures that the brace can be used for long hours without any discomfort. 


Multiple Application

SandPuppy KneeBrace Hinged is designed with versatility in mind. It can be used by a young sportsperson or for old age knee support.

Whether you are working out in the gym, going for a run or providing support for ageing knee, KneeBrace is right there with you.

SandPuppy KneeBrace can be used in multiple scenarios
How to use a KneeBrace

How to Wear

  1. Centre the KneeBrace on your kneecap while you place it on your knee

  2. Pull the centre strap from under the knee to fasten the brace

  3. Adjust the straps at the top and bottom edges for a tighter fit.


SandPuppy Flash comes packed in an eco-friendly, reusable, drawstring stretch bag for your convenience and further use.

Reusable drawstring bag.

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