SandPuppy Backbrace Contoured is a rigid back support for back pain and recovery

SandPuppy Backbrace Contoured

Back pain due to lifestyle problems are quite common and can be treated with the help of physical and heat therapy under the guidance of a professional.

But, there are certain conditions when a person might need to restrict painful back movement. Conditions like herniated disc, back injury, spinal fracture, scoliosis, etc. often cause severe pain when the back is in motion. In such cases, rigid support in form of a back brace is needed to arrest the movement of the back.

How does a back brace help?

  1. It improves posture which helps in redistributing weight in the spine.

  2. Provide support and healing for spinal structures

  3. It reduces the tension on the muscle.

SandPuppy Backbrace – Contoured is ideal for people who want firm support & restrict movement due to back pain, back injuries or certain medical conditions such as spondylitis, osteoporosis, sciatica, herniated disc & scoliosis.


Rigid support to the back and abdomen

Four heavy-duty aluminium alloy splints provide firm support as they can take the shape of your spinal cord. The dual locking hook & loop mechanism ensures that the belt is fastened correctly.

This provides controlled compression to the back from the belly side. You can easily increase or reduce the compression owing to the easy strapping mechanism.

Provides rigid back immobilization support for injury rehabilitation and speedy recovery. Ergonomic design ensures that it can be worn by seniors, men, women, whether you are working from home or travel frequently.

Helps in correcting posture and provides relief from back pain by arresting unnecessary movements.

SandPuppy Backbrace Contoured provides rigid back support, posture correction and back pain relief
Dual hook and loop closure for adjustable compression

SandPuppy Backbrace Contoured has soft cushioning at all the touchpoints. This makes it ideal to wear for longer durations allowing you to carry on your chores comfortably. 

Made with soft, sweat & stain-resistant fabric, this belt can be worn under or over the clothes as per your comfort.


Universal Size

Available in universal size suitable for waist sizes 34 – 44 inches. This makes it ideal for adults, senior citizens, women & men, frequent travelers, work from home employees, homemakers as well as people with certain medical conditions.

SandPuppy Backbrace Size measurement
SandPuppy Backbrace countoured is available in universal size suitable for waist sizes 34 - 44 inches

How to Wear

  • Place the belt on your lower back and pull the strap to lock it in front.

  • Adjust the added stretchbands for a tighter fit

  • Wear the belt for a maximum of 3 hours at a time.


SandPuppy Flash comes packed in an eco-friendly, reusable, drawstring stretch bag for your convenience and further use.

Reusable drawstring bag.

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