Eye mask help you get rid of running and dry eyes

About Eye Masks

About eye masks

An eye mask is primarily used to soothe tired eyes. It essentially covers the area around your eyes, part of your temples and part of cheeks. They come with an elastic band or velcro strap or sometimes plain ropes so that you can tie them around your head.

They are mainly of 2 types

  1. Sleep eye masks

  2. Gel eye masks

Sleep eye masks – The plain Sleep Eye Masks are made using a soft fabric and at times with come cushioning. Some may also come with some herbs or aromatic substance fillings. This is mainly used to block out light and help you sleep better.

Gel eye masks – You can use gel eye masks for a variety of purposes such as relief from eye strains due to excessive screen time, puffiness or swellings around the eyes and general relaxation. They also help induce better sleep. It is known to reduce puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, and any inflammation caused by allergens. These need to be kept in the freezer. Normal refrigeration can reduce efficiency.

About SandPuppy EyeFresh

SandPuppy EyeFresh is an everyday use cooling gel pack for the tired eyes. Cooling eye masks contain a soothing gel that reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eye. It also helps relieve puffiness due to excessively stressed work schedules and inadequate sleep. It reduces dryness of eyes and headaches and any inflammation caused by allergens. The plush outer cover can also be used as a regular sleep mask without the gel pack.


SandPuppy EyeFresh Cool Gel eye mask inside

The SandPuppy EyeFresh eye mask has a plush outer cover with a removable and reusable cooling gel pack that can be kept in the freezer. The gel pack can be slid in and out of the fabric pouch provided within and is sealed with a Velcro closure. Flax seed patches near the bridge of the nose inside the pouch provide pressure points and helps maximize contact area


Cold therapy is a proven technology to reduce redness by shrinking the blood vessels in the skin around the eyes. These gel masks are designed specifically to benefit the sensitive skin around the eyes and the cold gel helps in contracting the blood vessels in the skin under the eyes. The gel pack needs to be kept in the freezer before and after use. Normal refrigeration can reduce efficiency

SandPuppy EyeFresh Cool Gel eye mask inside


SandPuppy EyeFresh Cool Gel eye mask in use

The eye mask has a stretchable band that fits snugly around the head and holds the mask in place at the bridge of the nose. The cold gel pack can be slid into the pouch before use.

  • Do not use the gel pack directly on eyes

  • Do not use eye fresh if you find the gel pack is frozen.

  • Do not use eye fresh if the gel pack is leaking.

  • Get in touch with the customer care immediately on +91 77678- 13666


The SandPuppy Eyefresh cooling gel masks come as a set of 2 which include 2 outer covers and 2 gel packs. This comes packed in a reusable drawstring pouch

SandPuppy EyeFresh Cool Gel eye mask pack content

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