Sandpuppy New Fitbelt (Medium)

Wireless Back Pain Relief Heating Pad With Adjustable Heat Level

A. One year manufacturer warranty

B. Infra red heat to soothe deep muscles

C. Rechargeable battery operated

D. Charge with a phone charger or a power bank

E. Use of soft lycra for a soft touch and feel

D. Adjust levels of heat to your comfort 

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SandPuppy New Fitbelt

Don’t wait for your back pain to get better on its own… Just go ahead and comfort yourself with a heating pad that is portable and comfortable.

SandPuppy fitbelt use proprietary heating element that emits Infra-red heat. Studies have shown Infra-red heat penetrates deep inside your muscle to improve blood flow and open up the muscle/tissue to relief you of pain instantly.

New Fitbelt Is a portable heat applicator for back and muscle aches.  Just fasten it around the aching area, connect it to the power bank and feel the soothing comfort of heat as you carry on with your day. New Fitbelt provides control heat through a portable power bank, which means you don’t need to stay plugged in to the mains.

Fitbelt gets you going!!!


  1. 1 year manufacturer warranty
  2. Adjustable heat levels to suit the mood and comfort
  3. One recharge will last 90 minutes or more, it takes same time to recharge
  4. Experience heat within 2 minutes of switching on


  1. Instant pain relief with deep heat
  2. Get on with your daily activities while comforting yourself
  3. Feel safe as the Fitbelt is not connected to mains during usage

12 reviews for Sandpuppy New Fitbelt (Medium)
Wireless Back Pain Relief Heating Pad With Adjustable Heat Level

  1. Good on back pain and muscles…satisfied.

  2. product performance is good …heat level suitable to my need..overall good product..battery also has a good backup..what like the most is that we can recharge it when it discharged..

  3. Ok product ,not fully satisfied

  4. I really liked the fabric and the way it fits on my body. The relief is quick and comfortable. Heat levels are adjustable which is best thing…good product.

  5. Another useful product by the sandpuppy..really a good one ..helps a lot.

  6. Great product, adjustable heat gives more comfort ..feels good.

  7. I think need to improve the charging capacity of power bank so that it can be used for long time, overall good product.

  8. Product is so good just because of its heat control feature…its rechargable battery provides good backup..Got much more relief on pain..SATISFIED..

  9. i really satisfied with the result of this product..what i like the most is its adjustable heat quality,one can change the heat level according to his GOOD!!!!

  10. Great performance by the belt…best effect on the back pain..must buy product..

  11. Best product of the good result…heat control helps to adjust the heat level so one can feel relief from the pain..MUST BUY PRODUCT!!!!

  12. One of the best product i have ever seen..Super comfortable pain relief belt to take wherever i go

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