Heating Belt


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Combo Offer : SandPuppy Strappr + SandPuppy Coldstrap

Heal and cold therapy are recommended to get relief from the muscle or joint pain. For the heat th..

1,499.00₹ Ex Tax: 1,499.00₹

Combo Offer : Sandpuppy Strappr + SandPuppy Fitbelt Plus

Wireless heat therapy for Knee, Neck, Elbow, ankle joints and back pain reliefWireless and portable ..

4,999.00₹ Ex Tax: 4,999.00₹

SandPuppy FitBelt

Portable & Wireless Back Pain Relief Heating Pad1 year manufacturer warrantyRechargeable and ver..

1,999.00₹ Ex Tax: 1,999.00₹

SandPuppy FitBelt Plus 2-3 Days

SandPuppy FitBelt Plus

Portable & Wireless Heating Pad For Back Pain Relief With Massager FeatureSoothing relief from b..

3,499.00₹ Ex Tax: 3,499.00₹

SandPuppy Heatwrap

Versatile heating pad with adjustable heat settings. Perfect for back pain relief. Also great for kn..

899.00₹ Ex Tax: 899.00₹

Sandpuppy New Fitbelt

Wireless Back Pain Relief Heating Pad With Adjustable Heat Level1 year manufacturer warrantyInfra re..

1,099.00₹ Ex Tax: 1,099.00₹

Sandpuppy Strappr

Wireless heat therapy for Knee, Neck, Elbow and Ankle jointsWireless Heat Therapy StrapprUse Any Tim..

1,349.00₹ Ex Tax: 1,349.00₹